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While we may want the best of health for our loved ones forever, there definitely come times, when we need help to take care of them. You may have elderly patients at home, and often times, you may not be able to be with them throughout the day to assist them and help them with their daily chores.
In such a situation, you will surely feel comforted in finding certified old age care or geriatric care to be with your loved one, isn’t it?

So we are here to help you find a maid for senior citizen. Garima Patient care is always here to help you in your old age or to take care of your seniors.

Elderly Care Your Loved Ones Deserve.

We at Garima Patient Care have dedicated our entire being to the care of the elderly. In today’s world it is a great challenge for the elderly to receive proper care. By care we mean timely and the correct medical care, expert assistance to different ailments, proper companionship and love of the care taker. We as caregivers understand that we have to play different roles in caring for the elderly including assuming the role of that equivalent to a family member at times. We are experts in the field of Geriatric Care in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. We believe every elder needs expert Geriatric care.

Our Vision

To be first choice for individuals who use our services in the comfort of their own home environment through the delivery of superior and un-paralleled standards of care support experience.

Our Mission

To enhance the health and well being of individuals through a commitment by providing high-quality, multidisciplinary care in the comfort of their environment.


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